Here are some tunes from the Zelda games;
relating to the fairies, the forests they live in, or are inspired remixes.

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_Fairy Tunes_

The Goddess Appears - ALttP - The Fairy Fountain tune that set the series standard. From A Link to the Past.

Fairy Fountain - LA - A different, shorter tune with a more mysterious feel to it. From Link's Awakening.

Navi Flying - OoT - This tune plays when Navi goes to meet Link in Ocarina of Time. It is cute and adventureous.

Great Fairy's Fountain - OoT - The Goddess Appears tune, but more synthesized. From Ocarina of Time and reused in Majora's Mask.

Tatl & Tael - MM - A slow, sweet theme for when Tatl and Tael are reunited. From Majora's Mask.

Fairy's Woods - OoA - A game show-type tune from Oracle of Ages, when you must play Hide and Seek with three fairies.

Fairy Fountain - OoS - Like LA's repeating tune, but with more background chimes for a more... annoying sound. From Oracle of Seasons.

Great Fairy's Fountain - TWW - Slow and reverent, with vocals harmonizing the main part of the Fountain tune. From The Wind Waker.

Fairy Queen - TWW - The Queen's theme from The Wind Waker. Same as the Fountain tune, but has a more upbeat vocalization and includes sound effects that give it a more playful feel.

File Select - TMC - A very pretty, softer version of ALttP's Fountain tune. The background beats play a more noticeable role. From The Minish Cap.

Adventurer's Spring - TMC - Slightly slower, this Fountain tune has a synthesized sound for the background beats. From The Minish Cap.

File Select - TP - A slow and gentle version of the Fountain tune, with some distortions in the background. From Twilight Princess.

Fairy Fountain - PH - A quiet version of the Fountain tune with string-like background notes. From Phantom Hourglass.

File Select - ST - A relaxed version of the Fountain tune, with the background notes played by different instruments. From Spirit Tracks.

File Select - SS - A lovely, orchestrated version of the Fountain tune that gets more layered as the song goes on. From Skyward Sword.

_Forest Tunes_

Deku Tree - OoT - A slow, troubling tune played while the Great Deku Tree introduces Link to his destiny. From Ocarina of Time.

Kokiri Forest - OoT - The cheery theme of Kokiri Forest, from Ocarina of Time.

Lost Woods - OoT - The upbeat tune also known as Saria's Song, who is the Sage of the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time.

Forest Temple - OoT - Quiet and mysterious, with various parts fading in and out. From Ocarina of Time.

Southern Swamp - MM - A slow, ominous tune that has a similar beat to OoT's Kokiri Forest tune. Like a sad, twisted version. From Majora's Mask.

Deku Palace - MM - An upbeat tune for the Deku Palace, from Majora's Mask.

Woodfall Temple - MM - A quiet but energetic tune with vocalized shrieks in the background. From Majora's Mask.

Forest Island - TWW - From The Wind Waker, this is a slower, more natural sounding remix of the Kokiri Forest theme.

On Forest Island - TWW - Similar to the tune above, but even slower and has more bamboo and string background sounds.

Forbidden Woods - TWW - A slow, scary tune with staccato notes and breathing (?!) in the background. From The Wind Waker.

Sage Fado - TWW - Theme of Fado, the Kokiri Sage of the Wind Temple. From The Wind Waker.

Makar's Prayer - TWW - The Wind God's Aria, as played by Makar and Sage Fado in the Wind Temple. From The Wind Waker.

Wind Temple - TWW - Slightly tense and mysterious, but with some lighthearted beats. From The Wind Waker.

Faron Woods - TP - A somber theme with the sounds of water and birds in the background. From Twilight Princess.

Forest Temple - TP - A quiet, tense theme with a steady beat. From Twilight Princess.

Sacred Grove - TP - A soft, haunting version of the Lost Woods theme mixed with the Faron Woods theme; really beautiful. From Twilight Princess.

Inside the Great Tree - SS - A quiet, cautious tune that is similar to TWW's Wind Temple theme. From Skyward Sword.

_Inspired Tunes_

The Great Fairy's Fountain - A slow, intricately orchestrated version of the Fountain theme from the 25th Anniversary Legend of Zelda Soundtrack.

The Goddess Appears - A long, peaceful version of the Fountain theme. From the Legend of Zelda: Sound and Drama Soundtrack.

Great Fairy's Fountain - A beautiful orchestrated version of the Fountain theme, from the Ocarina of Time: Re-Aranged OST.

Saria's Song (Spooky Groovy Remix) - Faster, catchier, and sounds like EuroPop. From the Ocarina of Time: The Lost Tracks OST.

Zelda Rabbit Joint Cover - The Rabbit Joint's hilarious song based on the Legend of Zelda game. Mentions a fairy, so I'm including it.

Fairy Acid - Remix of the Fountain tune, and has a scattered techno beat. From; remix by Aneurysm.

The Goddess Appears (Trinity) - Remix of the titled song, and is laid-back with almost a hip-hop beat. From; remix by Jayson Litrio.

Magic Fountain - Remix of the Fountain tune, and is a beautiful, slow-paced, and serene version. From; remix by Nixdorus.

Great Fairy Fountain Theme - Lyrics beautifully sung to MOKA's Fountain remix (OoT's Re-Aranged OST), vocals by Adrisaurus and lyrics by Twilightstorm1994.   *Links to Youtube.