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Ever since I first played MP2:E, I have been in love with the music. From the ghostly intro to the abandoned Agon; the upbeat Torvus and the techno Fortress; from the boss battles and everything else in between -- the music brought Aether to life. When I found out that there wasn't a fanlisting (oh the horror!) I jumped at the chance to host it. So if the music of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes meets your approval as well, please join to show your appreciation! ^_^


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Did you know that...
     Title Screen is a remix of the Title Theme from the original Metroid game?
     Item Room is a remix of the Chozo Item Room theme from the original Metroid?
     Hydro Dynamo is a remix of the Brimstar - Red Caverns tune from Super Metroid?
     Hunters is a remix of the Brinstar - Green Chambers tune from Super Metroid?
     GFed Troopers Story starts with a version of the story from the beginning of Super Metroid?
     Submerged Temple is a rearangement of the Maridia theme from Super Metroid?
     Escape Theme is a remix of the Mother Brain Escape tune from Metroid: Zero Mission?
     both Escape Themes mentioned above are based on the Escape tune from the original Metroid?
     Prime 2's Title Theme begins with the second chorus/theme from Prime 1's Title Theme?
     Amorbis' Battle Theme resembles in some parts the Parasite Queen Battle tune in Metroid Prime?
     in GFed Command Center (Hive Tunnel long) you can hear the Theme of Samus Aran?
     Metroid Prime 3's Gandrayda Theme is a remix of the Chykka Larve theme?

Know something not listed here? Tell me! =)

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes soundtrack list

1: Title Screen
2: Main menu
3: Crash Site
4: GFed Site
5: Dead GFed Troopers Rise
6: The Ing Await
7: Temple Grounds
8: Light Temple
9: Minor Guardian
10: Item Room
11: Sentinal U-Mos
12: Agon Wastes
13: Pirate Fear
14: Space Pirate Attack
15: Dark Agon Wastes
16: Dark Samus Awaits
17: Dark Samus Battle
18: Amorbis
19: Torvus Bog
20: Dark Torvus
21: Dark Submerged Temple
22: Hydro Dynamo
23: Chykka Larve
24: Chykka Adult Form
25: Sanctuary Fortress Lower Floor
26: Sanctuary Fortress Upper Floor
27: Dark Fortress-Ing Hive
28: Minor Guardian 2
29: Quadraxis
30: Restored light
31: Dark Temple Grounds
32: The Sky Temple
33: Emperor Ing
34: Mutated Emperor Ing
35: Escape
36: Mission Final
37: Hunters
38: GFed Trooper Story
39: Puzzle Theme
40: Dark Energy Controller

You can listen to the entire soundtrack at Galbadia Hotel!

Here are some MP3s from the game that I liked. Right-Click the links to save 'em, and enjoy! =)

(1) Title Screen    (17) Dark Samus Battle (19) Torvus Bog
(22) Hydro Dynamo    (23) Chykka Larve    (25) Sanctuary Fortress

You can also read a great interview from on the Prime series music
with composer Kenji Yamamoto and Retro Studios' sound supervisor Scott Petersen!

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