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Jade*Island has been on the web since 1999, and was my very first website. It was originally hosted on for its first 3 layouts, then was moved to in early 2002. It has been and always will be dedicated to my fan-works of my various favorite series. Video games, anime, tv shows... If I make something that's based off a copyrighted idea, you will probably find it here. ^^; Reason behind the site's name? My name is Jade, and I grew up living on an Island. Creative, I know.

She who is Jade

As for me, I am a girl now in my 30's. I've lived in Hawaii my whole life, and still enjoy drawing, writing, and crocheting. Once upon a time I dreamed of turning this into a career, but it looks like it will continue to be a hobby.

Layout Info

This is currently the 8th layout. The header image is from the official German players guide for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (scan from Zelda Legends), though I recolored it in PSP7. I really loved Link's Awakening and have always kinda felt a special connection to the game and Koholint Island especially. I guess feeling trapped on an island that kinda looks like Koholint will do that to ya? But I'm really happy with this layout and so it will probably be up for an absurdly long time. :)


Previous layouts include the 4-and-a-half year reign of layout #7 (left pic), which used frames and cute little sprites for navigation. Before that included layouts #6 or #5 (middle pic) which only had subtle image differences I think, and lasted for maybe a year? Layout #4 (right pic) introduced J*I to being hosted on, and lasted less than a year. I'm afraid I don't have any records of what Jade*Island looked like in layouts #3 through #1 back when it was on Dencity, and since I can't remember the old url, I can't look it up on the Way Back Machine archive. :( I believe it used left-sidebar frames though, and used an ocean wave tile background. There apparently was also a dark purple layout for Halloween, which used this hilariously awful MS Paint pumpkin-monster I apparently "drew". XDD Looking back is funny stuff. *sniffle*

Credits & Disclaimers

Most of my drawings have "MG" in a corner, which of course stands for "MusoGato." Please do not use/re-post my fanart elsewhere or in your own creations without asking my permission first. Same for the fanfics. As for the icons and wallpapers, they are free to use as long as you credit Musogato.

Site credits go to W3School and for coding help, and Pokelele for the hibiscus font. Thank you! This site was made using Notepad, Paint Shop Pro 7, and too much of my free time.

As for the disclaimers...

Thank you for visiting Jade*Island!