for using these sprites

1) If you use any sprites, give credit back.
Whether you use them in your own graphics or are posting them on another website or forum, make sure you clearly mention that the sprites are from Distant Horizon.

You can link back to this site at or go here for image codes.

2) Do not mass redistribute my sprites.
If people want to adopt their own sprites, they can come back here to get them. There is no need to have mirror sites.

3) Do not claim that you made my sprites.
I put a lot of time and effort into making these, so I don't appreciate thieves. However, you can use my sprites as bases for your own character creations, just please mention that you got them from here.

4) Hotlinking has been disabled.
This is more of a caution than a rule, but due to people copying entire pages' worth of sprite coding for their own websites, you can no longer just copy/paste a sprite's url to repost wherever. If you want to post a sprite somewhere else, you'll have to upload it to your own server first. If you don't have one, TinyPic, Imgur, and Photobucket are good.

That's it, thank you for reading!
Now, on to the sprites!

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