Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some general questions.
If you have a question that isn't here, you can contact me.

How do you make sprites?

I use Jasc's Paint Shop Pro 7 or GIMP to make them in, but any paint program would do. I usually use the Sokka sprite as a base for new characters, but if they have a more unique shape (like the koi fish) I'll draw the entire thing from scratch. I like to have a lot of reference pictures/screenshots of the character I'm making, and I have the canvas zoomed in super close so I can draw/re-color pixel by pixel. Depending on the design difficulty, a new character sprite can take an hour to a few days to finish.

If you want to make your own sprites, here are some tutorials:
Creating a sprite by Pixel-Zone
Re-coloring a sprite base by Ghost0311
Drawing in MS Paint by Toastify
Shading in MS Paint by Clairehabib

How do I use the sprites?

Use the mouse to right-click on the sprite that you want. Choose Save Picture As (or whatever equivalent your browser menu says) to save the sprite to your computer. After that, you can upload it to your own image server so you can use it on your site or forum.

Please include credit to Distant Horizon, or have a link going to

Why can't I hotlink the sprites?

Because it uses up my bandwidth, and other people heavily abused it when I did allow it. :( So, sorry. I know it is very easy to just copy the sprite url and paste it on your site, but I would appreciate it if you didn't do that. If you want to use some sprites and don't have a place to host them, some good free hosting sites include Tinypic, Imgur, and Photobucket.

When will you make ____ sprites?

I really don't know, but I'm trying to make more sprites as I have time. To see which characters I'm currently working on or hope to make, you can see my To-Do List.

Can I request a custom original character sprite?

Sorry but no, unless it's for a commission.

Can I make Avatar sprites for you?

While you're certainly capable of making your own sprites, I would not post them here if you sent them in. This website is for the sprites that I have made, rather than a group collective. I know there's a lot of characters and variations that are missing, but I like making them myself. You can, however, submit emotive-styled sprites for use on the DH Forum.

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